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I'm working on a complete rewrite of my hack, so don't worry about me stopping work on it. :)

This time through, im actually not just basing it off of Kanto, but making a different story line for a new (as-yet unnamed) region, where we learn howTeam Rocket started, got support, and became the superpower it was. I think you'll enjoy it, but it's not ready for release yet. Also, it's based on JPAN's hacked engine, so thank you JPAN!



...oh, and this is just so you know that it's actually different, but here's a link with absoluteley no pokemon or anything, just maps (I AM AWARE IT SUCKS, IVE WORKED ON IT FOR 2 HOURS TOTAL.)

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This is the Pokemon: Team Rocket Version homepage! You probably didn't stumble across this page by accident, but if you did, Welcome!


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You might be thinking: "Wait a second. There is no Team Rocket version of Pokemon."

         If you thought that, you're WRONG!

Team Rocket version, or PTRV, is a hack of Pokemon: FireRed version. That means you'll need a CLEAN Pokemon FireRed ROM. You'll also need to download HackMew's A-Ptch patching program from Pokecommunity. Then, download the PTRV patch from this site and patch your ROM.   

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